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IRIS additional modules

IRIS Schedule

IRIS Schedule is software for registering personnel. Therefore, we recommend it to institutions that want to improve the patient registration process.

Thanks to the IRIS Schedule, the registration work will be more effective and the time of handling a single patient will be shorter.

Graphic management of offices and doctors

With the help of the IRIS Schedule, it is possible to efficiently manage both the admission schedule for a given surgery and for each specialist.

An intuitive search engine allows you to quickly find an appointment date for a patient at a convenient day and time. The Schedule means quick patient registration, and consequently – greater efficiency of work and lack of queues at the reception.

We recommend connecting IRIS Schedule with a package of SMS messages – this will further increase the level of patient service in the medical facility.

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Quick check of appointments

In the IRIS Schedule can be quickly searched for when a patient has the next appointment.

Multifunctional search system

Thanks to advanced search tools, the registrant will be able to easily find free appointments with a particular doctor, and much more.

IRIS Assistant

IRIS Assistant is an accessory created for people who help the doctor during the visit or prepare the patient for surgery.

Controlled access for the assistant

The view of the individual patient data and functions of this module can be set using the program settings. Importantly, recommendations can be set for an entire user group or for an individual.

Relief for the doctor

Using the IRIS software, the doctor can focus 100% on the patient, while the assistant will complete all necessary documentation for him/her. As soon as the assistant completes the data, the doctor will have an up-to-date view of all information on his or her screen.

IRIS Administration

Facility management

IRIS The administration will help to control the activities of the facility. The module has options to add services to the price list. It also allows you to prepare statements needed for settlements with the National Health Fund.


Running the facility also means regular reports on the services and work of the staff. IRIS Administration allows you to generate with one click a report on examinations and visits carried out in a given period, divided into doctors and clinics.

Photo-video module

The module was created for specialists who use imaging devices such as endoscopes, slit lamps, video colposcopes etc. in their daily work. It does not matter whether the specialist uses one or more different brands or models of devices – the program will handle them all at once.

The IRIS photo-video software will allow you to connect the cameras to a computer and watch the test image live on a monitor. During the examination, the doctor can take photos and record video sequences, which are then saved directly in the patient’s visit.

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Measuring tools

The photo-video module allows you to describe the media performed with planimetric tools.

Basic functions are available in the program, such as:
  • Contrast change;
  • Adjusting the brightness;
  • Apply one of the colored filters;

The extension also includes more advanced editing capabilities:
  • Select the area of concern;
  • Automatic calculation of the perimeter and area of the selected fragment;
  • Saving and editing single frames from video recordings;
  • and many more;


DICOM, HL7 are standards for electronic exchange of information in medical environments, allowing IRIS to exchange orders and results with HIS hospital systems. The module allows to transfer information from IRIS to software in hospitals and other larger medical facilities.

HL7 or Health Level Seven is a popular standard for electronic information exchange based on the OSI model, which is one of the main standards for transferring information to hospital PACS systems.


RC/SL is used to record and record images from a device equipped with an optical track with a camera or digital camera (e.g. slit lamp, camera fundus).

IRIS RC/SL program has an extensive archiving system (back-up), which allows for manual or automatic backup.
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