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IRIS - Medical Software

We are the manufacturer of IRIS and miniIRIS – software for medical facilities, which make the work of doctors easier.

The IRIS program has a modular structure. This allows to adjust the functions of the software to the needs of a private physician’s office, a large medical centre and specialist hospital wards.

IRIS and miniIRIS is a cheaper, fully functional alternative to software for various types of imaging devices.

IRIS and miniIRIS allow you to connect your imaging device (e.g. videocolposcope, endoscope, ultrasound, etc.) with your computer and to take pictures and record video sequences from the examination… Thanks to this, all multimedia will be automatically saved in the virtual patient’s card.

IRIS PACKAGE is perfect for the general organization of a medical center’s work, management of patient traffic, registration of medical data, documentation of monetary transactions. It can also be used as an irreplaceable statistical tool, allowing for the selection and compilation of data from a specific range of activities of a medical unit.

miniIRIS is a program for processing diagnostic images.

Videocolposcope HD-1000

medi.com is the manufacturer of the Videocolposcope HD-1000. It is an improved version of the traditional colposcope, thanks to which imaging and diagnostics of the lower part of the female genitalia can be even more accurate!

By replacing the standard optical system with a full HD camera, the examination can be less invasive and more comfortable for both the doctor, me and the patient. More information
medi.com has been helping hospitals to improve their work and patient service since 1997.
Our products have been created and are constantly developed in cooperation with specialists.

Keep your patients' medical records in one place Contact details, history of visits and illnesses – all the most important information about your patients can be stored in the IRIS program. Only those users who are granted access to this information will be able to view it.

Connect medical devices to IRIS and miniIRIS Our software allows you to connect various types of imaging devices such as HD-1000 video copier, endoscopic towers, ultrasound cameras, laryngosopes, stroboscopes. During the examination, images and videos from the devices can be saved directly to the patient’s file.

Easily review your patient's medical history From the visit window, you can view the patient’s previous results, photos, medications prescribed so far,
and other information from the previous visit at the touch of a button.

Edit photos and improve diagnosis accuracyy With the options for editing photos (including histogram, contrast adjustment, digital filters) and the ability to perform planimetric measurements in the program, you can extract information invisible to the regular images recorded by the device, and then measure accurately noticed changes.

Select visit forms according to your needs Group forms into selected types of visits (e.g. first visit, preparation for surgery). Use the transcription of data from previous visits to speed up the time spent on formalities. We have dedicated forms for gynaecologists, ophthalmologists, laryngologists and universal forms that can be helpful for every doctor.

We can also, on request, create special forms tailored to your needs.

Improve your medical appointments

Report Wizard

Pozwala wybrać, które dane zebrane podczas wizyty (w tym obrazy i wyniki badań) chcesz przekazać pacjentowi. Wydruk raportu możesz dopasować do swoich potrzeb. Taki raport możemy wręczyć pacjentowi jako podsumowanie wizyty lekarskiej.

Hint dictionary

You can add frequently repeated phrases to the program and insert them in the appropriate field with one click. This will significantly speed up the whole visit and allow you to spend more time talking to the patient and establishing a treatment plan.


We are constantly developing IRIS software. We are constantly adding new functionalities and conveniences to the program. Thanks to constant contact with customers, we know what needs to be changed in the program to further facilitate work in offices and medical facilities.

Transfer of database to IRIS.

Do you want to change the software you use but do not want to lose the collected data? Our programmers will easily transfer the entire existing database of patients to the IRIS system! You do not have to worry about data security. IRIS has a number of security systems in place, such as determining access to the program for specific users and managing the password system.

Technical support

Users of IRIS software can count on the help of our technical specialists. You can send your request by e-mail or phone. The helpdesk connects with you immediately, at the moment of notification! We solve 95% of problems with the program remotely. The remaining 5% is an ideal opportunity to visit you and help with the program in person. Our technical support department is open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (UTC+01:00).


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With the help of our specialist you will learn not only the basics of IRIS, but also the functions that will speed up your daily work.

Our expert will also answer all your questions!

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